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Modular Training Program in Advanced Western Medicine:

This high quality training program consists of weekend seminars that cover critical information you should know about biomedicine. Topics include neurology, gastroenterology, pulmonary medicine, gynecology, and all the other major biomedical subjects.

Each program is presented by Bruce Robinson, who draws from his 30 years of being a medical doctor and surgeon. Bruce embraces both Western and Oriental medicines and understands how the two paradigms can best work together for the benefit of the patient, and the expansion of your medical practice.

These 15 hour seminars explore Western medicine, in depth; in a format that will help you as an Oriental medicine practitioner, enriching your understanding of your own patientsí medical conditions, their past medical histories, and the drugs they have been prescribed by their physicians. You will acquire a clear understanding of how you can use your own knowledge and skills in the best way possible for the benefit of all of your patients, especially those who have cancer, diabetes, hypertension, or other serious and potentially life-threatening conditions.

During class discussions we will welcome your comments about how Oriental medical theory fits in with the biomedical conditions we are covering, and which acupuncture points would be most applicable in these types of illness.

This program will advance your career in a variety of ways:

         It will enhance your interactions with patients. They will be relieved you understand and can take into account what they have been told about their illness by medical doctors.  

         It will empower you to interface with western medicine physicians, encouraging these physicians to refer patients to you.

         It will prepare you for potential opportunities to work in an integrated medical setting, alongside a medical doctor or a nurse practitioner, or perhaps in a hospital setting.

         You will understand when to refer a patient to a physician. This is always important, but is especially so if you treat patients with serious medical conditions.

Each module contains training on physical examination techniques pertaining to the specialty being presented. Red flag cases for referral are especially emphasized and reviewed together. Each attendee receives a detailed, illustrated booklet about 100 pages long, containing all lecture notes and references used in the module. All lectures are given in PowerPoint format, with class discussions and break-out sessions for analyzing actual clinical scenarios based on real cases. LAcís who take these seminars report they like the clinical scenarios best of all.

These seminars are approved for continuing education credit by the Florida Board of Acupuncture. Those who complete any seminar will receive an attractive hand signed certificate of completion, suitable for framing. Those who complete all twelve seminars will receive a special framed certificate attesting to this significant accomplishment. 

You can begin the seminar series at any time, as each seminar covers a different topic. All seminars are being professionally recorded.

Course Objectives:

At the completion of the course, participants will be able to:

         Demonstrate a detailed understanding of the western pathophysiology of the most common diseases seen in a medical practice (with easily accessible notes for every disease discussed).

         Assess the history and physical presentation, as well as the laboratory studies, of patients with various medical diseases, enabling a correct assessment of whether or not to refer the patient to a western medical doctor for additional consultation.

         Conduct a practice in which they have a clear understanding of their patientsí previous medical history, including medicines they may have taken or may be currently taking, and how these medications may interact with proposed TCM herbal treatments.

         Demonstrate that they understand ways in which patients can benefit from a joint treatment program in a cooperative effort between medical doctors and the TCM practitioner.

         Create proper medical records containing subjective and objective factors, and assessment and treatment plan, which can be sent back to the referring physician or managed care entity, benefiting the patient as well as the practitioner.

         Comprehend disease and health from both the Chinese and the western medical standpoints, thus laying the foundation for a lifetime of additional learning, including a broad knowledge of the underlying principles behind all health and illness.

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